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Flora Day

When? 08 May 2018
Where? Helston

  • Flora Day
  • Flora Day
  • Flora Day
  • Flora Day

The town is decked out with bluebells, gorse and laurel leaves gathered from the surrounding countryside.

Dancing begins at 7.00am with gentlemen wearing shirts and ties and the ladies in light summer dresses. Not long after the Hal-an-Tow, a boisterous mummers’ play featuring scenes of St George slaying the Dragon begins cheered on by a crowd dressed in Lincoln green and Elizabethan robes. The children of the town dance at 10.00am wearing flowers and lily of the valley and at midday the formal dance of the day begins with men wearing morning dress and the ladies decked out in magnificent ball gowns and hats that could be the envy of Ascot.

To round off the day of dancing, the Evening Dance starts from the Guildhall at 5pm.

More information:
Flora Day Website

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