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St Endellion Summer Music Festival

When? 30 Jul 2019 to 09 Aug 2019
Where? Port Isaac

  • St Endellion Summer Music Festival
  • St Endellion Summer Music Festival

The St Endellion Music Festivals take place at Easter and in the Summer every year in the Collegiate Church of St Endelienta, bringing together a wide range of exciting musicians from all over the world. St Endellion is near Port Isaac and about a mile from the glorious North Cornwall Coast.

Each year a community forms out of the shared desire to experience music for the sheer joy of it. What makes the Festivals special is that at the heart of everything is an immense spirit of generosity. The aim is to create the best Festival possible on the smallest possible budget – therefore the musicians and singers, the stage managers and administrators, the cooks and washers-up all give their services for free. The chorus and orchestra all contribute to the cost of accommodation and the balance is raised from the box office and the Festival Friends scheme. Ticket prices are kept as low as possible and the aim is to break even, with any surplus being put towards future festivals.

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