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Mevagissey Feast Week

When? 24 Jun 2018 to 30 Jun 2018
Where? St Austell

  • Mevagissey Feast Week
  • Mevagissey Feast Week
  • Mevagissey Feast Week
  • Mevagissey Feast Week

Welcome One & All to this very special time for our village.

Mevagissey, near St Austell, has celebrated the ‘Feast of St Peter’ since 1754. It has evolved into a wonderful community event, where we welcome locals, exiles and visitors to join us in our celebrations. The Feast Week Committee have worked very hard to produce a full week of activities which we invite you all to partake in.

There is no charge for the majority of events organised, but this is your festival and we rely on you to keep it alive, so please support the events, enter the Carnival and give generously to the collectors during the week.

More information:
Mevagissey Feast Week Website

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