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Kernow King Celebrates Cornwall's History

When? 10 February 2018
Where? Truro

  • Kernow King Celebrates Cornwall's History

A double bill of entertainment at the Hall for Cornwall starring the Kernow King.

The Cornish Caretakers

The history of Cornwall is inspiring, exciting and gripping, with many achievements and stories that make Cornwall great. The Cornish Caretakers tells the story of two caretakers who arrive for their final day of work at The Kernow Museum in St Just before it is knocked down to build retirement flats. But not all is as it seems and some of Cornwall's greatest tales are told in their quest to save the museum!


Trevithick! is the gripping story of one of Cornwall's greatest sons, whose life was tinged by tragedy and steeped in engineering achievement. Bursting with music, comedy and tragedy, Trevithick! celebrates the life of Camborne man Richard Trevithick, who revolutionised the use of steam power and whose genius led to the building of early cars and trains.

More information:
Kernow King Celebrates Cornwall's History Website

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